Tuesday, June 30, 2020

1d20 Centipede Loot from the Centipedes zine!

  1. Sexual Aids
    1. Male Chastity Cage- This cage clasps around male genitalia, restricting growth through arousal. The legs of the centipede wrap around the shaft and the head of the centipede covers the glans. The cage is modeled after the Black Centipede and gives the male a fearsome adornment.
  2. Arms and Armor
    1. Boiled Leather Armor with Centipede Pauldrons - If hit by an attack that exactly matches your armor class, one of your pauldrons will animate and crawl down the attacker's weapon to bite them, dealing one damage per round until you or the attacker dies. Both pauldrons may animate in this fashion and attack multiple targets independently.
  3. Domestic stuff
    1. Centipede Cutlery - Fork, spoon, and knife adorned with centipedes. These utensils automatically cast “Purify Food” on centipede meat and make the meat palatable to the diner.
  4. Creatures
    1. Clutch of Centipede Eggs - Giant centipede eggs, there just happens to be as many eggs as there are members of your party - just like the dire wolf scene… you know, before those ass-hat writers at HBO ruined everyone’s character development.
  5. Clothing/Jewelry
    1. Cyrano de Bergeac - A centipede shaped ear covering that allows the wearer to understand spoken centipede, but not speak it. If you possess the twin Cyrano, you and the other wearer may speak to each other at great distances, but only in declarations of love.
  6. Art
    1. Centipede Creation Story - A 4’ x 9’ tapestry depicts the most common creation story of your setting, except that key characters in the scene have been replaced by a variety of centipedes.
  7. Books
    1. Centipedes! - A Roughly 80 page soft cover “book” that covers a variety of centipedes from an ecological perspective, along with some amazing rumors, stories, and legends about centipedes.
  8. Maps
    1. Tyrant Centipede Map - A rough, hand drawn overview of the local countryside with 1d8 Xs marked on it in yellow for rumored sightings and 1d4-1 green Xs for confirmed sightings.
  9. Furniture
    1. Centipede Fainting Couch - The couch is styled after the common giant centipede, lying on its back with delicate sweet meats exposed, legs spread to accommodate would be fainters. Sitting or lying on the couch while conscious is nothing special, but if you actually faint near the couch, the legs will reach out to catch you and place you on its stomach cushions where its legs will caress you lovingly until you wake.
  10. Tools  
    1. Centipede Lockpicks - Two slender metal centipedes that are frozen stiff and cold to the touch. Instead of picking locks in the usual manner, cup the lock picks in your palms and breathe on them to warm them. Once you feel the centipedes begin to stir, cup your hands over the lock so they have no recourse but to enter the lock. They’ll defeat the lock at their leisure and try to escape once they’ve breached the other side. Rumor says they’re trainable and that you can goad them into picking locks faster and coming back to you on their own by feeding them exotic metal shavings.
  11. Animal stuff
    1. Giant Centipede Barding - Any adventurer with an interest in a centipede mount or companion would be blessed to happen across this barding, because you can damn near fit a small army in plate for the cost of someone skilled enough to custom make centipede barding. Adds +2 to Centipede AC.
  12. Musical Instrument
    1. Centipede Harp - Harp back is one long curved centipede and each string is held taut by a pair of legs at the top and bottom. When plucked, the strings make horrible sounds that could not ever be misconstrued as music. This is Chitorian - the language of chitinous creatures - you hear. The harp may be used to “play” several short, simple phrases to creatures that speak Chitorian, if you don’t speak it yourself.
  13. Religious stuff
    1. Centipede Prayer Beads - Set of prayer beads carved from actual chitin to look like the segments of a centipede. No special qualities, probably just a gift for a centipede loving monk or priest.
  14. Containers
    1. Centipede Backpack - No straps, this chunky and disproportionate centipede clings to you by wrapping its legs around your torso. It isn’t particularly strong, but it will attempt to grapple anyone - except you - who attempts to make off with it, being not so much an active defense measure as it is an alarm that your pack is being pilfered. Will also bite the hand of those looking to steal from your pack dealing one damage, no save, no roll.
  15. Medical/Pharmaceutical 
    1. Centipede Stitches - Common gray centipedes, ranging in size from one inch to one foot long, are pressed over an open wound and then stabbed in a particular spot in the brain which causes a full body muscle contraction, forcing the legs to pierce the flesh on either side of the wound and squeeze closed. This kills the centipede, but keeps wounds disinfected and sealed.
  16. Spells
    1. Appendages to Centipedes - Turn your appendages into centipedes under your control. Fingers and toes are 1HD, Arms are 2 HD and Legs are 3 HD. These centipedes can detach from your body and navigate the world at your command, once you reattach them you’ll know everything they have experienced with their senses. They die after one hour and if you don’t find them and reattach them to yourself before sunset, congratulations, you’re an amputee now. Once the centipedes are reattached to your body, they change back into your standard appendages.
  17. Favors
    1. Blessing of the Broodmother - Far beneath the ground, there is a gargantuan mother centipede guarding a clutch of eggs that number in the millions. She’s rumored to be the source of all centipedes. She will take a sick or wounded member of your party and let them rest peacefully amongst her eggs until whatever ailment that plagues them has passed. 
  18. Luxury goods
    1. Centipede Shaped Soap - This bar of soap takes all the drudgery out of bathing; simply wet it, touch it to your skin and watch in amazement as it scuttles around your body to give you a thick, foamy lather.
  19. Curses
    1. Tyrant Centipede Curse - Bad juju of a serious nature and definitely not for amateurs. The 13 Witch Queens of the First Forest hold fast that every curse strikes twice - curse not lest ye be cursed. This is a scroll, book, or oral retelling of the ways and means to curse a foe in the manner of the Tyrant Centipede, but only the strongest of spell casters should even consider using this. It should be used only  for the gravest of transgressions because this curse demands much of the caster.
  20. Potions
    1. Transfusion Centipedes (Cursed) - A glass bottle full of what appears to be Transfusion Centipedes. If you try to insert these into a wound to heal yourself, they’ll happily crawl in and begin to eat you from the inside out.

If you dig any of the loot here, this is 1/4 of the full 80 entries found in my zine Centipedes, which is officially live on DTRPG!

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